6 Profitable Side Hustles For Florida Entrepreneurs

6 Profitable Side Hustles That Cater To Florida Entrepreneurs
Are You Considering Profitable Side Hustles? 

You’ve probably heard about the neighbor who saved up for a new truck. Or that entrepreneur doing well with the lifestyle of being their own boss. These opportunities are in large part because people have side hustles. It isn't limited to the chosen few, you can make good money with a side hustle too! 

Whether you live on the Coast or inland, the beauty of the Sunshine State is that opportunities are bountiful and can fit any lifestyle. Broward County residents along with every resident of Florida has an added benefit of unique commerce and lifestyles that don’t often materialize in other parts of the country.

What Exactly is a Side Hustle?

There is no exact definition of a side hustle. It’s a gig, job or task that you get paid to do Typically outside your regular job when you have extra time. However, as you might have noticed, some side hustle positions often become full time jobs because they offer better hours, better pay or the opportunity to work for yourself. The best thing about a side hustle is it caters to your skillset or found where you live. 

How Much Will I Get Paid?

Depending on your side hustle opportunity and the number of hours you commit, it’s typically paid as a flat fee. As the action you are agreeing to do is based on completion, you don’t necessarily get paid for your time as much as you do the task. Hence why it’s called a side hustle. It’s all about making the most of your time!

1. Teach Me!

What skills can you share? Offering classes and private lessons locally is a profitable side hustle where you can create repeat clients. Are you an ace in tennis? Could you show others how to swim? Is woodworking your passion? Can you bake a mouthwatering cake? Whether you decide to offer a class at the local center or if you decide to have individual sessions (and post the ads online for potential students) this side hustle establishes you as a teacher in our community. 

Offering lessons as a side hustle is an entrepreneur's dream! Your clients become your best salesmen (and saleswomen) as they tell their friends and colleagues about their amazing experience being taught by you.  The word of mouth advertising will bring in new clients as you continue to teach!

2. Sell Your Wares

If you are an artisan and love to share your work with the world, you need to consider Etsy or another online shopping network to sell your crafts. Creators and craftsmen make great money selling their art to individuals around the world!

Rather keep your sales closer to home? Check out the upcoming festivals and see if your wares fit the idea of the shows. There are dozens of events around the area, and you might find that buying a booth to sell your art over a weekend is a great side hustle. Want to just see how it goes? Then consider getting a booth on Saturday at Swap Shop Thunderbird and Indoor Flea Market in Fort Lauderdale or the Festival Flea Market in Pompano Beach.

3.  Eat This! A Food Cart Fantasy

Thinking you want to get your chef hat on for your side hustle? No problem! In Florida we have plenty of sunshine, festivals and people enjoying their day. A food cart is always a great way to make money. Whether you consider crepes, snow cones or just hot dogs, you can fill your weekends selling food to the masses.

In fact, some of the best side hustles cater to the public’s desire to try new food. Who doesn’t feel their stomach growl when they walk by a BBQ truck where the smell of ribs consumes you? 

4. Check this Out! Brand Ambassador

If you love to talk and are interested in showing people new things, you’ve seen the side hustle called a brand ambassador! Have you seen people at warehouses and grocery stores giving out samples? Or the people who offer you a flier at a festival? All of those individuals are brand ambassadors who have a side hustle to create awareness about a product, event or situation.

What is the best part of being a brand ambassador? You get paid very well for a short amount of time. It’s not uncommon to find brand ambassador side hustles that pay $200 for 5 hours of work. Especially at shows and conventions held at places like Greater Fort Lauderdale / Broward County Convention Center.

5. Later Gator! Offer Tours of the Area

The beauty of Florida has people from around the world taking time to vacation in our beautiful area. Why not be the person who offers them a private tour showcasing the best we have to offer. Based on a per person rate, you can easily spend a day (or half a day) sharing a unique aspect of our state while getting paid to have fun. From museums to day trips to amusement parks, from seeing the gators to watching a rocket blast off from the Space Coast, the opportunities are endless. 

Finding customers is simple too. Many side hustle opportunities are found at local visitor centers or Chamber of Commerces who are actively encouraging people to visit the state. If you feel your tour is specialized, you could offer it with online announcements and word of mouth ads. The best part about this side hustle is you celebrate Florida’s best!

6. One Foot. Two Shoes! Sell Sneakers On Ebay

If you haven’t heard, eBay sells a pair of sneakers every four seconds. The potential of selling the shoes right off your feet is high! From used sneakers to new shoes, the side hustle of shoe sales is a lucrative business. Don’t have many pairs to sell at the house? Well, with this side hustle, you will easily find shoes at garage sales, thrift stores and even at swap meets. You simply clean them up and sell them for a profit on eBay and other marketplaces. The typical pair of name brand sneakers sells for $60, and buyers will even pay for shipping. Doesn’t that sound like a decent size markup for anyone interested in putting their best foot (or should we say shoe) forward.

This side hustle is perfect for anyone who doesn’t always know their schedule from day-to-day but can always make it to the post office when an order comes in.

In Conclusion

No matter what your current financial situation is, you can take steps towards financial freedom and building wealth by getting a side hustle. It’s time to start making extra cash when you have a few extra hours.

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