Top 5 Ice Cream Shops In Broward County To Visit This Summer

Top 5 Ice Cream Shops In Broward County To Visit This Summer

Summer is here, and we all know the heat that follows. It's a season of sundresses, shorts, sunglasses, sunscreens, and whatever sun-guarding tool you have equipped to beat the heat. It's also a season to hit your favorite cooling spots such as beaches, pubs, and of course, ice cream parlors.

Who can resist the sweet, creamy, thick taste of ice cream served in cones or glass bowls? Those self-served scoops delight the taste buds, and the smooth, refreshing taste cools your senses and wards off the heat from your body.

The fun fact about ice creams is that there's never a particular season to enjoy them. But, when summer's around the corner, they are the go-to snacks to make the summer heat bearable and enjoyable. So, if you're in the mood for a scoop or two, read on as we highlight the 5 best ice cream shops in Broward County to visit this summer.

Top 5 Ice Cream Shops In Broward County

It wasn't until the 1500s that the concept of ice creams became a thing in Europe. And it was much later that the rest of the western world adopted this creamy snack. But regardless, the US has quickly established itself as one of the biggest pioneers of the sweet flavors found at the bottom of a cone.

Now, we have wonderful and mouth-watering ice cream varieties such as sundaes, hot fudge, and even alcoholic ice cream scoops. These varieties of ice cream make for enjoyable summer, and regardless of your preference, we have 5 exciting spots for you to try out this summer.

1. Cherry Smash

Located on Wiles Road in Coral Springs, this vogue-looking ice cream parlor is guaranteed to bring back the fond memories of yesteryear.

We all know that during summer, most of us prefer to take a tour of the town in the cooler hours of the evening instead of during the scorching heat of the day. And we all know the first choice for a relaxation spot is the night bar, but what if you had a different place in mind?

That's right, an ice cream parlor for your night outing! Whether it's a mid-week outing or a weekend outing with the kids, the Cherry Smash is a lovely spot for cooling off after a long summer day. So, if you reside anywhere near 8000 Wiles Rd, Coral Springs, then you're in for a treat.

You can use this opportunity to stop by for a taste of their famous ice cream sundae, tasty malts, ice cream sodas, banana splits, and a host of other tasty goodness. While the ice cream scoops melt in your mouth, you'll also be treated to an aesthetic entertainment by their precious antiques and treasures. And when you combine this with the local patrons, a vintage evening summer experience is delivered.

Location: 8000 Wiles Rd. Coral Springs, FL 33076
Phone: 954-346-0999

2. Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlor And Restaurant

Moving on to Lauderdale FL, we have this masterpiece of an eatery that combines all the ingredients for a top heat-quenching experience. Located not so far from Dania beach, the Jaxson's spot is home to both an ice cream parlor and food restaurant, meaning you can enjoy delicacies like burgers, cold sandwiches, and salads with your ice cream.

What's also unique about this eatery is the fact that the ice cream is prepared on the premises, meaning you'll be treated to a show when you place your order for any or all of their sundaes. Another unique feature of the Jaxson's eatery is their use of the freshest dairy creams, berries, and nuts to whip up the best ice cream scoops for you to enjoy.

Their exciting and mouth-watering toppings are the perfect cherry-on-top for your ice cream sundaes and sodas. But that's not all; these sundaes and sodas are also topped with whipped cream. So much goodness just waiting for your taste buds. It's no wonder they made the cut for Food Networks' top 5 cool quenchers.

To add to all these features is the exciting fact that this eatery is home to one of America's memorabilia. But we all know you'll be heading there for the summer heat quenching ice cream scoops.

Location: 128 S. Federal Hwy. Dania Beach, FL 33004
Phone: 954-923-4445

3. Wilton Creamery

Located in the Wilton Manors, this two-year-old creamery is a unique spot for your summer cool-off. And when we say unique, we refer to the handcrafted nature of the 20-30 confections on display. The display case is a sight to behold for all Broward residents seeking a cool quencher for the summer heat.

Run by DJ Colby, the Wilton Creamery promises exciting treats such as unique ice creams, sorbets, and his adult version of popsicles which he calls Pelatos. And fun fact, these are all products of his well-designed recipes. How cool is that?!

The cherry on top of this sundae is the ironically named "He's Not Worth It" ice cream flavor that combines vanilla ice cream, soft caramel, English toffees, Oreos, and sea-salt caramel swirl to replicate the sweet taste of a Snickers bar! So, if you've ever imagined what Snickers would taste like in ice cream form, here's your chance to find out.

Location: 2301 Wilton Dr. Ste C4. Wilton Manors, FL. 33305
Phone: 954-565-1183

4. Let's Chill Homemade Ice Cream

With such an exciting name, it's only fair that this ice cream spot promises more than what you dreamed of in your ice cream summertime. And that's exactly what you get because, let's face it, an ice cream scoop is sometimes not enough to quench the summer thirst.

Let's Chill features homemade and simple ingredients without any artificial colors. The Veteran-owned small business partners with a local farm where they have fresh dairy delivered twice a week, with a company that extracts colors from vegetables to create fun-colored ice cream.

What you also need is a tasty homemade waffle cone to excite your senses as the ice cream cools down your summer-heated buds. Found in Coral Springs, this ice cream shop specializes in the use of local and seasonal ingredients to create unique exciting flavors.

Location: 9739 W. Sample Rd. Coral Springs, FL 33065
Phone: 754-702-3513

5. Proper Ice Cream

We end our tour of the best ice cream spots just a skip out of Broward County in Boca, where you'll find an eatery that houses a delightful menu of gourmet desserts. When we take a look at their ice cream, we discover delicious scoops of creamy goodness whipped on a Konery cone.

These scoops come in wonderful flavors like red velvet, birthday cake, orange dreamsicle, and toasted coconut. For an extra summer treat, we also recommend you try out their ice cream sandwich, which is made when your ice cream of choice is placed between two slices of homemade pound cake. That's a summer dessert right there.

For a cool finishing touch, how about you also treat yourself with some hot fudge and cinnamon whipped cream for the perfect topping combo. Proper Ice Cream is a must visit!

Location: 5560 North Military Trail Unit 312, Boca Raton, FL. 33496
Phone: 561-245-7905


Summer is a great time of the year in Broward. The sun's out, the waves are waiting to be surfed, and it's the perfect holiday season. But when you need to cool off and treat yourself to the best ice cream Broward can whip up; we recommend you take a short trip to any or all of the listed spots for a wonderful experience.

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